Vag-Prog Locksmith

MicroOBD interface

This is European high quality product with 2-year warranty.
VAG-PROG Locksmith is special version of VAG-PROG, that is designed for companies engaged in production of spare car keys, roadside assistance, car repairs, etc.

VAG-PROG Locksmith works with immobilizer and engine control units, from which can be read security information (5 digit PIN code), and then allows you to code a new key or perform a pairing engine and immobilizer ECU.

Basic functions:

Vag-Prog Locksmith is primarily used by locksmiths who do not use other functions such as memory editing or odometer setting.

List of supported control units can be found at this link.

VAG-PROG includes safety waiting for 5 minutes during which you must wait before displaying a security vehicle data (eg. VIN code). This protection is used to prevent misuse of the program.

Hardware and software requirements

Vag-Prog can be ideally used on portable computer - laptop or netbook, but it can be used as well on personal computer. For connection to vehicle is used MicroOBD diagnostic interface, that connects to USB port of your computer.

Minimum PC requirements:

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